Hydraulics Cylinder Equipment Manufacturing and Supplying Company


Hydraulic Cylinder

Our hydraulics manufacturing company caters to various fields like Steel mill, Spinning mill, Agriculture machineries, Material handling, Machine Tools, Automation, Hydraulic process, etc.,

Hydraulic Cylinders get their power for pressurized hydraulic fluid which is typically oil. It is the actuator or motor side of this system.

Range of our Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

  • Bore Size : 40mm to 500mm
  • Stroke length: 6000mm
  • Working pressure upto 450 bar

The types of Hydraulics Cylinder we manufacture and supply are as follows

  • Double Acting Cylinders
  • Double Acting Multi Stage Telescopic Cylinders
  • Double Ended Rod Cylinders
  • Single Acting Cylinders
  • Single Acting Multi Stage Telescopic Cylinders

Our Hydraulic Cylinders have the following type of construction:

  • Tie rod
  • Welded
  • Threaded
  • Heavy duty bolted construction

Single Acting Hydraulics Cylinders

Single Acting Cylinder is a simplest design. Hydraulic fluid enters through a port at one end of the Cylinder, which extends force, internal refraction or gravity returns the piston rod.

Double Acting Cylinders

Double Acting Cylinder have a port at each end or side of the piston. It will supplied the hydraulic fluid for both refraction and extension.